Open for Business

 PortMiami Tunnel is open to traffic for PortMiami users. 

For more information contact: PortMiami Tunnel Customer Relations: 305-415-9725 or via email.


There is NO TOLL

It’s Free FOR ALL

The PortMiami Tunnel has incorporated the latest safety features available in the United States today, including state of the art Automatic Incident Detection and active sprinkler fire suppression systems.

The tunnel's 105 roadway CCTV cameras and 110" video wall enable display of the entire tunnel interior in less than 15 seconds, while it's 50 ft hurricane floodgates ensure the tunnel will survive storm surges. Air quality is maintained with 8 Air quality sensors driving the tunnels 44 powerful ventilation fans so you can breathe easy.

Live lane control and dynamic messaging systems ensure timely safety information for motorists, and improved guardrail systems are designed to reduce the severity of motorcycle accidents.

The tunnel is manned by trained and experienced operations personnel 24/7/365 with the right equipment to clear tunnel accidents and keep PortMiami moving.


What you need to know before entering the tunnel:

  • The Speed limit is 35 mph
  • Cruise Traffic LEFT LANE, Cargo Traffic RIGHT LANE
  • Pedestrians and Bicycles are Prohibited inside the Tunnel
  • Placarded Hazardous Materials are Prohibited inside the Tunnel
  • Maximum Height 15’0” Maximum Width 8’6”
  • Maintain a safe distance between vehicles
  • Obey lane control signals and messages
  • Stay out of the blind spot of other vehicles; be especially careful around cargo trucks
  • Tune into any popular FM radio station inside the Tunnel to hear safety instructions in case of an incident

 What to do in the event of an accident or breakdown:

Minor crash, no Injuries (Florida law states that you must make every reasonable effort to move a disabled vehicle or have it moved so as not to obstruct the regular flow of traffic, as long as the vehicle is drivable and there are no injuries)-  Click Here for the Move it – Yes you can Brochure

  • Switch on your warning lights
  • Move your vehicles to a safe location completely out of the tunnel
  • Exchange driver, vehicle, and Insurance information in a safe location off the roadway
  • Notify 911 of the accident and your location and follow the directions of the dispatcher

 Crashes with Injuries or Breakdown:

  • Switch on your warning lights
  • Switch off the engine
  • Stay in a safe location - we are coming to you

What to do in the event of a vehicle fire:

Your Vehicle is on Fire:

  • If your vehicle is on fire pull over and exit the vehicle in a safe location
  • Activate a manual alarm pull station or use the Emergency telephone to notify the Tunnel Operator
  • Move away from the vehicle as the overhead deluge system may be activated
  • Proceed to the nearest emergency exit to gain safe refuge
  • Remember: Fire and smoke can kill, save your life, not your vehicle!

 Another Vehicle on Fire:

  • Observe and obey tunnel safety signage and messages
  • Stop your vehicle before passing the Fire location
  • Stay away from the vehicle on fire as fires can easily spread
  • The Ventilation system will ensure fresh air is supplied if you stop before passing the fire
  • Activate a manual alarm pull station or use the Emergency telephone to notify the Tunnel Operator
  • Be advised that the overhead deluge system may be activated
  • Wait in your vehicle with the radio tuned to tunnel safety messages unless instructed otherwise