Who is the contractor in charge of building the Port of Miami Tunnel (POMT)?

Who is responsible for getting environmental clearances and permits for the POMT construction?

Will aesthetics be considered in the project?

Why were the words Navigate in different languages on the Tunnel Portals used?

What is the construction schedule for the project?

Will the construction be done in stages and if so, what are the “stages”?

How many lanes of traffic will be kept open during construction on the MacArthur Causeway?

Will vehicular traffic at Dodge Island be affected during construction?

Will cruise traffic on the channel be affected during construction?

Will the contractor be allowed to work at night on Watson and Dodge Islands?

Will water from the spoil material be allowed to discharge back to the shipping channel?

During and after construction of the tunnel, additional traffic will be created on the already congested I-395. How will the project deal with the additional bottleneck traffic on both eastbound and westbound lanes of the causeway?