About FDOT

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) mission is to provide a safe transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods, enhances economic prosperity and preserves the quality of our environment and communities.

The FDOT vision is to serve the people of Florida by delivering a transportation system that is fatality and congestion free.

FDOT is a decentralized agency in accordance with legislative mandates, composed of seven districts. Each of the districts is managed by a District Secretary. The districts vary in organizational structure, but in general, each has major divisions for Administration, Planning, Production, and Operations. Also, each district has a Public Information Office and General Counsel Office that report to the District Secretary.

About FDOT District Six

District Six is responsible for planning, designing, building and maintaining all State-owned roadways and bridges in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. The district is home to 2,553,400 people. Its roads are traveled more than 30.8 million miles daily. Whether you are a resident, business operator or a visitor, you can count on us to help you travel through the District.

FDOT provides funding assistance to Miami-Dade Transit, which operates 650 passenger vehicles in the district and the City of Key West Transit Authority. The area is also served by seven public airports, and 78 private airports, two rail lines, and one deep-water port, the Port of Miami.

The FDOT District Six Leadership Team:

James Wolfe, P.E., District Secretary

Rudy Garcia, P.E., District Director of Transportation Operations

Harold Desdunes, P.E., District Director of Transportation Systems Development

FDOT District Six is headquartered at:

1000 N.W. 111 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33172
(305) 470-5100

For additional details, please contact our Public Information Office at (305) 470-5349 or Toll-Free at 1-800-435-2368.